More Unity 2D Animation

I started building a new character in Unity this weekend. I'm using Anima 2D for the rig and the Playmaker plugin for the controls.


2D Character Controller in Unity

This is a follow up to my previous post about 2D Character Animation for Unity. Dragonbones seems like a great tool for rigging and animating a 2D character, but I had some trouble getting the character to work the way I wanted it to in Unity. I might be missing something, but it seems like … Continue reading 2D Character Controller in Unity

2D Character Animation for Unity

I’ve been experimenting with some 2D character animation software lately to see what I can achieve in the Unity game engine. I did some research on Spine… looks great, but it’s too expensive to experiment with. Below are drawings and animation progress I’ve made using Dragonbones, which is a free/open source alternative to Spine.   … Continue reading 2D Character Animation for Unity